2021 Ride for the Feast Volunteer Opportunities

*All opportunities take place on Saturday, May 1st

Contact Angie Kelly at AKelley@mfeast.org to learn more.

Check In
Time: 6:15am – 10:30am
Location: Talbot Agriculture & Education Center, 40659 Hiners Lane, Easton, MD, 21601
Volunteer Need: 10 Volunteers
Volunteer Description: As riders arrive in their vehicles, Volunteers will check them in, provide them with their assigned rider bag, and direct traffic in the lot between vehicles and riders. PPE will be provided.

Pit Stops
Time: 3-5 hours, start and end time varies
Location: Eastern Shore
Volunteer Need: 8 Volunteers per stop
Volunteer Description: Set rider pit stop up with supplies provided by Moveable Feast, hand out snacks and drinks, check riders in as they arrive, keep riders safe by providing sanitizer, monitoring mask usage, and breaking the stop down when the last rider passes through. *Prefer to have established groups running stop together. PPE will be provided.

Time: 6:30am-6pm
Location: Eastern Shore
Volunteer Need: 6 vehicles, 2 drivers per car preferred but can drive solo
Volunteer Description: SAG drivers pick up riders as needed to drop them off at a pit stop or the finish line. Teams may provide personal SAG’s as long as they attend the SAG orientation to receive proper training. Due to COVID, we are asking riders to only call SAG’s upon injury or bike damage. Must have bike rack, and be able to seat 1-2 passengers in the back seat. PPE will be provided.

Time: Caboose A, 7am-12pm. Caboose B, 12pm-6pm.
Location: Eastern Shore
Volunteer Need: 2 vehicles, 1 driver per car
Volunteer Description: The Caboose trails behind the last rider from start to finish. Caboose A will trail the first 50 miles, and either finish for the day or hop in as a SAG driver for the last 50 miles. Caboose B will trail the last 50 miles, and is welcome to SAG for the first half of the day. PPE will be provided.

Time: 6:30am-6pm
Location: Eastern Shore
Volunteer Need: 15 MOTO’s
Volunteer Description: MOTO’s are stationed along the route at large intersections, tracks, or other potentially dangerous parts of the ride to guide riders along safely. *Must have own motorcycle.* PPE will be provided.

Time: 4-6 hours between 6:30am – 6pm
Location: Eastern Shore
Volunteer Need: 4 photographers
Volunteer Description: Capture the spirit of our ride from start to finish! Photographers will be divided into sections along the route to photograph riders, pit stops, SAG drivers and MOTOs, medical, and the start and finish line.

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