Many of our critically-ill neighbors struggle to afford and/or access nutritious food to stay well.

Each and every dollar raised through Ride for the Feast goes directly towards providing healthy meals and nutritional counseling for the people we serve. Our clients never have to pay for these services. 

PLEASE NOTE: As an organization committed to the health and well-being of the community, Moveable Feast encourages all our supporters to abide by the COVID-19 Advisory set forth by the Maryland Department of Public Health. Moveable Feast does not condone, nor is responsible for any person or person(s) hosting events (indoor or outdoor) to benefit the organization that do not abide by State and local guidelines regarding gatherings including proper social distancing measures, mask requirements, and all other safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to get the most out of your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising 101

1) Personalize your Personal Page with your story. Explain why supporting Moveable Feast is important to you.

2) Create a Facebook fundraiser for Ride for the Feast.

3) Host a live stream event. Moveable Feast has a platform you can use to sell tickets to your own live-stream event and collect donations. Contact Carin Prescott for details at 410-327-3420 x33.

4) See if your employer matches donations.

What are the fundraising goals for this event?

Fundraising Goals

1) For those who choose to ride the 100, 62, or 40-mile routes on May 1st, the fundraising goal is $1,000.

2) Participants who sign up for Move for the Feast have a suggested fundraising goal of $250.

What are some ways I can raise money besides asking people to make direct donations?

Fundraising Ideas

1) 145+ Fundraising Ideas – includes virtual events ideas

2) Komen’s More than Pink Walk list of 101 fundraising ideas

3) Create an auction – If you have donated items, consider hosting an online auction. Contact Carin Prescott for details at 410-327-3420 x33.

4) Trade your skills for donations – Make a list of your skills and talents even if they’re not top-notch professionally-rated. What can you offer to people for cash? Do you take photos? Can you do graphic design? Are you a handyman? Can you sew or do alterations? Can you cook? Are you a de-clutterer/organizer? Let’s get real, people are more often willing to give you money if they get something in return. What you consider a mediocre talent may actually provide someone else with exactly what they need at a cost they’re willing to pay.

5) Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook